Our History

On August 15, 1982, Rev. Oscar B. Howard, Jr., being led by the Holy Spirit, organized Freedom Home Baptist Church in the home of Sister Mildred Medearis, with 35 members. Officers selected for the church were: Oscar B. Howard, Sr., Herman Christopher, and Alfred Freeman as Deacons and Trustees. Rosa M. Flugence was appointed as Church Secretary and Jo Freeman as musician.

Stepping out on faith, in December 1982, we purchased a piece of property on Pecan Springs Road. God opened doors for us and we started holding services at the Springdale Gardens Day Care Center and then later at the Alpha Seventh Day Adventist Church. We continued to trust and believe that God would open even another door. He, “God”, did.

God made provisions for us to purchase property at 1144 ¾ Gunter Street, from the late Mr. J.D. Culp. God was blessing continuously. Our membership grew and the word of God was being taught, preached, and shared throughout the community. Auxiliaries were formed and the Freedom Home Baptist Church family was busy for the Lord. Blessings from God continued to come our way and we were able to purchase even more property as well as a house at 1146 Gunter Street, which was later named The O. B. Howard, Sr. Activity Center. Later, we purchased property and two houses on Oak Springs Blvd.

In early 2003 with a zeal for a new building and the need for the same, we were driven to organize a committee for the planning of the work. Our new worship facility took considerably longer to get into than anticipated. Work began in November of 2003. The slab was poured on December 24, 2003 and framing began January 2004. By the end of April 2004, the building was almost finished. There were a number of problems accompanying this phase of the building construction. Much of the work was done very poorly and there was still much work that had not been completed. The plumber, electrician, and construction coordinator walked out on us, each having done less than professional work. There were a number of areas where we were in noncompliance with city codes and regulations, but we were able to get those issues worked out by the grace of God. Thanks be to God our church body remained patient and prayerful. We continued to worship in our first unit with hopes of being able to enter our new edifice in April 2006; two years after those who were supposed to have provided us a turnkey job abandoned us.

On Good Friday, April 14, 2006 we received the “go ahead” to enter and have our first service on Easter Sunday. It was the goal of city employee, Danny Thomas,  whose heart had been touched by God to help us to enter on Easter Sunday, and we were certainly in agreement with him—the goal was met, glory to God.

On Sunday, May 7, 2006, we used our baptistery the first time with Najhada Howard being the first person baptized in our new edifice. The list also included Ronnie Williams, LaTrencia Rollie, Elvin Rollie, Camilla Williams, and Terrin Creecy.

Our will is to do God’s will. Obedience to the Lord is something we have been taught by our Pastor, Rev. Oscar B. Howard, Jr., by stepping out on faith; God has increased our territory, our ministries have grown and the Holy Spirit lives in our hearts. Worship and Praise is what we do. The word of God says “Obedience is better than sacrifice,” and through faith, prayer, fasting, and love for the Lord, we have stood together through sunshine and rain, heartaches and pain. Thanks be to God, we are the church that prays together and stays together. Thanks be to God, we have weathered the storms, studied and understand his word, trusted and believed what He says, and learned not to be ashamed of the gospel.